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How to select perfect Gents Suit Colour

Different colours and designs of suit are required for different occasions. Selecting same colour in wedding as well as funeral may lead to an embarrassing situation. F2Style presents another article to guide you to select perfect coloured Suit as per your requirements.

Colours as per Physic:

If you are not in thin category, and like to look slimmer, go for dark colour- preferably black or Dark Grey. try not to mix any bright colour in the design. Monochromatic colour works best to make you appear slim.


For slim people, light colour like light grey, white, light brown etc. works best. Light colour creates a look, in which the person actually appears bigger than the actual.


Same goes with Gym goers. If you have started going to Gym recently, and are planning to flaunt your muscles, wear light colours, especially off white. And If you like to make your muscles look thinner, use dark colours.

Colours as per Skin tone:

Fair Complexion- High contrast/ Fair complexion Indians include those with dark hair and fair skin colour. They should wear the colour carefull, as wrong choice may reduce the effect of contrasting features. They should wear dark coloured suits (like dark Blue/ black/ dark grey) that can highlight the skin feature in between black hair and the Suit.



Medium Complexion- Dark hair with wheatish skin lie in this category. Monochromatic colours work best with colours like Earthy/ Brown colours on Medium complexion.


Light toned complexion- Light Coloured suits with the tone close to skin colour works best on these features. This will try to harmonize the dark skin colour.




Below chart can be referred for a quick guide




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