Latest trends in men’s kurta and pajamas


Kurta pajama is a traditional Indian dress..A kurta pajama comprises of a top tunic called the kurta and bottoms called pajama (or pyjama).yet it is comfortable to wear,mens prefer to wear it on different occasions.
Kurtas are one of the most traditional outfits for men. Kurtas are not new to fashion but are a total must-have. Moreover these days men are becoming more concerned about the latest fashion trends for Traditional wear. If we see, there many designers who are working on men’s fashion, they are giving us more variety in kurta pajamas. From draped style to asymmetric to metallic kurtas,designer are coming up with different different style, desgins,and colours.
Some of latest kurta pajama for men’s styles to wear on different occasions are:
1) Drape Style kurta pajama
Mostly drapes were used in womens garments, but in the latest trends, you will see drapes in the kurta are giving new touch to men’s wardrobe.if you love trendy outfit,try drape Kurta and style it with churidaar or ankle fitted pants and you can also wear a waist coat on it.
2) Asymmetric Kurta
Swap your usual plain kurtas with these asymmetric kurtas,with edgy
Hemline give you a different look. pair them with chooridar or skinny pants, matching jootis or shoes. Perfect for wedding sangeet.
3) High neck kurta
High neck and Chinese collar kurtas never really went out of fashion. From plain to printed, all are in! These kurtas give a classy and sophisticated look. Pair them with matching or contrasting chooridar or patiala pants, jootis or shoes.
So leave your plain kurta & pajamas, and try this latest trends.make your wardrobe more traditional and fashionable in this wedding seasons